Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


Accessibility & Assistive Technology

This track is meant to yield projects that are interdisciplinary in nature. Teams will draw from end-user insights and needs, as well as the domains of occupational therapy, medicine, and engineering. This track is suitable for teams dedicated to the development of adaptive and assistive tech to increase accessibility for people with a diverse set of challenges. Teams should look into creating inclusive systems, designing human-centered projects, and furthering intellectual and applied practices in the area of access and ability.

Sustainability & Social Impact

This track is for hacks that promote social or environmental good. This can be anything from a hack that helps determine water usage through audio analysis or a website that can help find eco friendly clothing. What’s important is that the hack actively help people, whether as a community or as a whole. Example problems include: How can we track emission data within cities? Are there ways to make it more relevant to daily life? Is there a way to explain the effects of global warming in a more clear, comprehensible and nuanced way to the general public


This track is an intersection of finding creative solutions, building empathy, and developing transformative technologies that enable universal health for millions around the world. With the goal of bringing impactful change to practice and distribution of medicine, this track focuses on making healthcare both accessible and preventative. This track is suitable for teams dedicated to improving technologies in illness diagnosis, global health literacy, patient compliance, and information storage.

Education Technology

This track brings together the brightest minds in students, app developers, educators, and academic leaders to exchange ideas and build connections between the education sector and emerging technologies at NYU and its partners. This track is suitable for teams working on solving real problems and challenges in the classroom, creating apps that have a substantial impact on fostering a more effective and stimulating learning environment, or looking to connect with people from the worlds of education, technology, and the fusion of the two.