Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season < home


We're using DevPost to showcase all your projects and support the judging.

You need to Register now and then Submit your projects before the deadline, both at this link:
Here's what you do:

1) Have EVERY person on your team go to the link above and click "Register for this hackathon." (It will require you create a DevPost account, which is quick.)

2) One person from each team will Enter a Submission (which is a button you'll see after you Register). Toward the bottom of the submission form, it will ask you to add your teammates' email addresses. Make sure you enter the same email addresses your teammates used to create their DevPost accounts.

3) Start early by typing in what you can on the submission form, and then save it as a draft. That way you won't be rushed toward the end. You'll be able to keep updating it until the deadline on Sunday!

Regardless if you submit your project for judging on DevPost, make a project on DevPost! We want to know you tried and participated!

If you have not gotten your QR code on your ticket digitally scanned by an organizer or volunteer yet, please upload a screenshot to this folder as a formal check-in. Thank you, and good luck!