Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Sponsor Challenges and Prizes

More details about the prizes can be found in the Opening Ceremony Slides.

Track Prizes: here.

BNY Mellon: Sponsored Prize - Best FinTech Hack

  • One Amazon Echo per Team Member
  • Hack must involve one of the following: Finance, Money (Crypto Included), or Global Markets
  • BNY Mellon Tech Leaders to Judge Exhibitions

JP Morgan: Best Hack for Disaster Relief & Recovery

Think about how technology can be used to aid cities impacted by natural disasters with relief and recovery.

Prize: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speakers

Facebook: Community and Bringing the World Closer Together

Make a project to reflect Facebook's new values: building community to bring the world closer together.

Prize: Birksun Backpacks

MLH: Best Domain

Best domain name from gets a Raspberry Pi Kit for Each Team Member!

MLH: Best Use of Amazon Web Services

Best use of AWS in a project wins $250 Amazon Web Services Credit for Each Team Member.

MLH: Best IoT Hack Using Qualcomm Device

Best "Internet of Things" Hack using a Qualcomm Device wins a DragonBoard 410c and Power Source for Each Team Member.

Thank you to our sponsors!

PS: This is your chance to snag those internships and learn more about working at these top companies.