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NYU IT and the HackNYU 2017 Organizers has made the following APIs available to participants of HackNYU 2017. Feel free to use these datasets for inspiration to develop something new!


(Note: You must have at least 1 NYU student on your team to access Protected NYU APIs)
NYU Housing
NYU Directory
NYU Campus Security Report
NYU Libraries
NYU Events

TorchTech APIs


Density API

API Token: tok_uKjDAoLYK7uClv0aZqJjH04sqxTc0ZUw6uqLQDiql6y

Useful Tools

How to Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server stack on a Ubuntu server:

Hackathon Starters / open-source boilerplates to speed along your development process:

Google Oauth 2.0 Login
Use the hd parameter to limit sign-in to a particular Google Apps hosted domain, such as This should automatically direct the login request to NYU’s authentication page.

Useful Tools: | Cloud Development Platform
Heroku | Cloud Application Platform
GitHub | Version Control

Volunteers and mentors will be around throughout the weekend. Have a technical question? Ask them!